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Unzip files with ColdFusion MX 7 using native Java classes

This week I had to unzip some files using ColdFusion 7 (I know it’s ancient technology) and I realised that CF7 doesn’t natively support zipping/unzipping of files!  Fortunately, ColdFusion can utilise the underlying power of Java to achieve this.  I found this neat Java article – Unzipping Files with and simply translated it into […]

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Monitor Railo on Tomcat using JConsole

I’ve been trying to get to the bottom of a “Java Heap Space” error on my local Railo installation and decided to use JConsole to monitor Tomcat server.  JConsole is a very useful Java application monitoring tool, which is bundled into every JRE.  You can run it by simply executing jconsole binary: $JAVA_HOME/bin/jconsole Where $JAVA_HOME is the path […]

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