Internet Explorer for Mac – IE6, IE7, IE8, IE9, IE10 and IE11

Internet Explorer for Mac

Are you looking to install Internet Explorer for Mac? Today I discovered a nice tool on Github which installs free Windows virtual machines using VirtualBox on OS X. The only reason I’d use these virtual machines is to have different versions of Internet Explorer browsers running side by side for testing purposes.

So here’s what you need to do to install Internet Explorer for Mac:
1. Download VirtualBox if you don’t have it already.
2. Choose what version of Internet Explorer to install. Then type the following commands in your terminal window:
Install ALL versions of Internet Explorer: IE 6, IE 7, IE 8, IE 9, IE 10 and IE 11

curl -s | bash

Install Internet Explorer 7 Only

curl -s | IEVMS_VERSIONS="7" bash

Install Internet Explorer 8 Only

curl -s | IEVMS_VERSIONS="8" bash

Install Internet Explorer 9 Only

curl -s | IEVMS_VERSIONS="9" bash

3. Open VirtualBox and launch your virtual machine. You will be prompted to type in account password, which is “Password1”. The password is also in the “Passowd hint” field if you forget it.


UPDATE: 13/Apr/2013
Internet Explorer for Mac just got better.  Now, you can install IE10 on Windows 8.

Install Internet Explorer 10 Only

curl -s | IEVMS_VERSIONS="10" bash

UPDATE: Aug 2014
The links have been updated to All links above should work properly again.

Download Internet Explorer 11 Only

curl -s | IEVMS_VERSIONS="11" bash


  • Thanks for posting! Very helpful!

  • covenant

    Have you been able to get the ethernet to run on the virtual machine?

  • covenant

    nevermmind. I think I have it figured out. There are more instructions on github.

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  • I installed all the versions adn actually do’t need all of them. How do I uninstall some versions of IE ?

    • In Virtual Box, you can right-click on the image and remove it. Another way to do it is to physically remove the virtual image from ~/.ievms/vhd directory. It’s a hidden directory, so you’ll need to make them visible.

  • Make sure to disable “Enable absolute pointing device” on System->Motherboard in order to see the mouse pointer in Windows Vista/7

  • TonyM

    Do these expire?


    • Marko Tomic

      You mean do the virtual images expire? They don’t expire in a sense that you can use them whenever you want. But I think the Windows session is limited to 1 hour or something, which is more than enough time for me to test.

  • Hmm, thumb up for this famous blog! 🙂

  • Come back again for the last command line as the first one failed at ie9 on my Mac. lol

    • If you decide to install 4 operating systems at ones, which could be around 30GB of data, there is a chance you’ll lose Internet connection when your computer goes to sleep. 3/4 with a single command ain’t too bad.

  • Mark, thanks so much for this. Saved my ass at work.

    Any idea if/when an IE10 VM will become available?

    • I have some good news for you Harry. You can install IE10 VM now by running:

      curl -s | IEVMS_VERSIONS="10" bash


      • I ran the above command, but the version it installs is IE9 on windows7 🙁

  • scheng

    Thanks so much for the sharing. I tried to get VirtualBox and followed the steps mentioned above to have IE9 on my old macbook, but I just realized that it took too much space on my hard drive. Is it possible to locate the IE files and remove them permanently? (I’ve finished uninstalling virtualbox, tried search through all of the files but still couldn’t find where the files are located. )

    I really appreciate any help you can provide.

    • Virtual images are stored in a hidden directory called .ievms
      The location of files should be /Users/yourusername/.ievms As I mentioned, .ievms directory is hidden so you have to show hidden directories on your system to delete it. One of the tools that will allow you to do that is

      • scheng

        Many thanks!

  • Thanks for that great work. Last week I had a problem. The Win XP Vms did expire and so I wasn’t able to login anymore. Is there a way to set them back or anything else. The last choice would be to download a new copy of them.


    yes, yes, is there any way to reset the date? Windows for IE8 wants me to validate.

    • @Scott – From memory I think you can skip the validation part and just use windows for about an hour before it shuts down. 1 hour is normally plenty of time for me to spend in Windows.


        sadly, no, it tells me “this copy of Windows must be activated before you can log on.” I’m going to try and reinstall just those two (7 and 8).


        running the 7 and 8 scripts again resulted in a quick, fresh install that works, since the disk images were still local.

  • You my man are a legend! 😉 Cheers

  • Iva

    I got this error:

    Progress state: VBOX_E_FILE_ERROR
    VBoxManage: error: Appliance import failed
    VBoxManage: error: Could not create the clone medium ‘/Users/Iva/.ievms/IE7 – WinXP-disk1.vmdk’.
    VBoxManage: error: VMDK: Compressed image is corrupted ‘/Users/Iva/.ievms/IE6 – WinXP-disk1.vmdk’ (VERR_ZIP_CORRUPTED)
    VBoxManage: error: Details: code VBOX_E_FILE_ERROR (0x80bb0004), component Appliance, interface IAppliance
    VBoxManage: error: Context: “int handleImportAppliance(HandlerArg*)” at line 781 of file VBoxManageAppliance.cpp

    what should I do? thnx

    • Iva, I’d try removing .ievms directory and reinstall. Make sure your download completes successfully and you have write permissions in that directory.

  • Ronit

    Tried installing IE10, but getting error:
    VBoxManage: error: ‘Windows8’ is not a valid Guest OS type
    VBoxManage: error: Details: code NS_ERROR_INVALID_ARG (0x80070057), component VirtualBox, interface IVirtualBox, callee IAppliance
    Context: “Interpret” at line 337 of file VBoxManageAppliance.cpp

    • @Ronit make sure you have the latest version of Virtual Box before you attempt installing IE10. They update their software very frequently.

  • b_rathen

    This worked perfect, added IE 10 to my Virtual Box, but now I have to try to figure out how to work in Windows 8. Yikes, how confusing. Just trying to figure out where my applications are located is near impossible, all those color squares, content scrolling, flipping, cycling… who designed this? And who was the target audience, people with ADD?

  • now, now… remember your manners. Making fun of Windows 8 is like kicking an addled puppy for sleeping in its own poo.

  • Gaby

    Why do I get ‘permission denied’ message when I enter text in Terminal?

  • what about disk usage for the “all version” command ?
    ty for share

    • It’s about 10G per OS. If you’ve already installed all versions, you could get the total disk usage from the terminal window. Just type in:
      du -sh .ievms/
      from your home directory.

  • refael gold

    IE11 has been release

    any chance to get the url for it?

    • @Rafael, it’ll probably take a while before it’s available for download via this script. Subscribe to this thread and I’ll let you know as soon as I find out.

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